As UX designers, we have new ideas for apps all the time. But too often, we don't have the budget to actually get our side-hustle idea built. Instead, they languish in our sketch pads or Sketch files. With Adalo, all of that is changing. Adalo helps you design, build, and launch apps—without writing any code. With the push of a button, publish (and monetize) your app on iTunes and Google Play. Wait, this power exists now? Like right now? Do we live in the future? Yes, yes, we do.

Adalo is helping us cover operating costs, as well as helping us design and build the UX Hustle Summit app: more on this soon! Come to the Summit to meet UX designer and founder David Adkin. He'll give a mind-blowing demo of the latest release of the Adalo platform, and see some changes that UX Hustle Summit founder Sophia Prater helped design.

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We'd especially like to thank them for making these sessions a success: