ECJ Tax & Financial Services is a full service CPA firm owned by Eric C John. Eric has been working with Rewired UX since the beginning and has been instrumental in its success. Eric works with creative entrepreneurs to help them achieve their wildest dreams which for many includes financial freedom. Plus, his better half is also a UX designer—so he really gets our business. With Eric, it's not just about crunching numbers with the goal of just preparing tax returns. It is about providing his clients with an unparalleled level of excellence as we strive to increase our client’s overall net worth both from a financial and non-financial perspective. It is about being a true partner in your success as you strive to achieve your passion in life, work and business. ECJ comes HIGHLY recommended if you are ready to spin up your own businesses. Or, businesses.

ECJ is providing financial support to help cover our costs—and will soon be helping us turn the UX Hustle into a bonafide non-profit organization.

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We'd especially like to thank them for making these sessions a success: