Camp Case Study

3 days to structure, design, & build your case study

November 1 - 3

Camp Case Study is now over. But you can still work on your case study with Amanda by signing up for UX Portfolio PowerPlay™, Amanda's 6 week group coaching program to take your portfolio from cookie-cutter to uniquely YOU.

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are you afraid to look at your own portfolio?

You sit down to work on your portfolio only to realize you

  • don't have any of the project assets you need
  • don't remember what even happened on the project
  • now are wondering how the heck you're going to summarize a 6 month project in a single case study!




Case studies are stories

The purpose of a case study is to tell the story of your project and the work you did. It should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

A lot of case studies I see are... boring. They don't have a clear direction; they don't share the messy aspects of what didn't work; and they leave me guessing what role the designer really had.

Imagine instead you walk into an interview and confidently talk through your project. The hiring manager is nodding along and points to some of your graphics to ask deeper questions. They turn to a colleague saying how they wish they had documented a similar project this way.

what is ?

Join UX Hustle for a 3 day case study challenge on November 1-3!

day one

choosing the right project

Picking the right project is the most important step. Designing and building a case study takes time and energy so we want to make the most of it!

day two

Structuring your case study

We'll craft the story of your case study, determine what metadata we may want to include, and write out all the details of your case study.

day three

Creating your case study

We'll talk about different tools you can use, list all the artifacts you need to gather or create, and talk about visual storytelling.

meet your guide

turn your case study into a campfire story hiring managers want to hear

Count me in

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