Sarah Kate Hampton

UX Researcher

Sarah Kate spent 6 years in k12 education first teaching 3rd grade while earning her masters in counseling and then as a high school counselor in rural Georgia. She needed a bit of a switch because the pressure of her job was taking an emotional toll. In between frantically counting credits for failing seniors, writing recommendation letters, and visiting college campuses, she researched UX. By the end of the 17/18 school year she took a leap of faith and submitted her resignation. There have been a lot of changes over the past couple years, but she can’t imagine her life without UX. Since she does miss the kids and staff, she would ultimately like to work for an Edtech company to help make educators’ technological experiences better. Until then, she is content to learn as much as she can as a UX researcher focusing on payroll at ADP.

podcast episodes

From Wrangling Kids to Wrangling Data

Episode 1

From Wrangling Kids to Wrangling Data

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