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Careers can be disorienting

  • Positioning yourself for a promotion or a new job elsewhere
  • Needing a clear career trajectory and plan for reaching your goals
  • Desiring more time and energy freedom inside and outside of work — no more burnout
  • Wanting to change careers but don't know how or where to start
  • Integrating a new method (like OOUX or Research-focus) into your UX toolbelt and title

And every LinkedIn post and Medium article claims to have the answers

leading to...




What if we could tap into YOUR answers?

  • Based on your experience, your strengths, and where you want to go
  • Knowing that your journey is unique to you
  • Using tried-and-true coaching techniques that go beyond "strategy"


1-on-1 Career Coaching

Confidently step into your promotion, new career, or new job with customized support and coaching




3x3 Method

3 coaching calls each month for 3 months focusing on 3 steps:


Tells use where we are, how we got here, and where we want to go.

Evaluation also gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate decisions later on.


The most frequently skipped step when making big changes on your own. Before taking action, it's important to embody what the next steps will look like, what your goal is, and who you'll be in the process.


And Action! This is where we let everyone know who you are and what you're doing.

Taking action helps us feel what it's like to pursue our goals and work through any resistance.

This is for you if...

  • You aren't sure what your ultimate career goal is and how to get there
  • You have an idea of a direction for your career but aren't sure how to build the bridge from where you are
  • You're feeling stuck or ready to rage quit your job, but don't want to end up feeling the same way you do now in 6 months
  • You want clarity in your career and the confidence to get after it!

This is not for you if...

  • You don't feel you have any control in your current situation
  • You aren't willing to be honest with yourself and do the work required
  • You want "right" answers instead of finding the right answers for you
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What to expect in

90 minute Unique Career Strategy Session

This strategy call lays the foundation for what we'll be focusing on for the next 3 months and gives us a roadmap of what to expect and how we want to get there!

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3 Private Coaching Calls per Month

Private coaching calls with me (Amanda Worthington) to dive DEEP into your career or business!

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Private Voxer Coaching

Need help between calls, feedback on a specific situation your facing, or just need to vent? That's what Voxer is for! You get walkie-talkie access to me Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm EST.

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Shared Google Drive for All the Things

This is where we'll house our replays, documents or webpages you want feedback on, and so much more!

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meet your guide

hi! i'm amanda and i've been helping uxers with their careers since 2019

When I decided to quit my job and change careers in 2017, I went through all the stages of: what the heck do I want to do, how the heck am I going to do it, and ok, I'm doing it and now what?

I learned that my career path is unique to me and once I released expectations of doing it the "right" way, I was free to explore, get curious, and take serious action.

Now that I've pivoted again to career coaching, I can assure you that your path won't look like mine. And that's a great thing! Through my coaching practice and 3x3 Method, we'll uncover your career journey and get you making moves with confidence!

hi! i'm amanda and i've been helping uxers with their careers since 2019

I pivoted my career into UX back in 2017 and successfully landed my first full-time UX job 4 days out of my bootcamp.

Now, yes, that's a bit of a brag — but the framework I used then (with updates from others' experiences, changes in the remote workforce, and my own career coaching practice) is what I share in Land Your First UX Role.

This program uniquely combines strategy, identity and mindset, and taking action so that you'll have a well-rounded job search experience.

and so i help uxers:

  • Get clear on their career goals using their unique strengths and experiences
  • Embody the new position, role, or career you're getting after
  • Take aligned action to be the version of you that will land you that job, promotion, or new career

payment options

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How it works:

  • Apply for an upcoming opening for 1-on-1 coaching
  • Once approved, you'll receive a link to schedule a 15 minute consult call with Amanda
  • If an opening is available, you'll have the opportunity to start coaching that month!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does one-on-one coaching cost?

The 3 month coaching package is $3497 or 3x $1167 for the payment plan!

Other one-on-one career coaching options include a 90 min Unique Career Strategy session for $333 and Pocket Career Coaching for $500 per month.

When can we start?

We typically onboard one-on-one clients mid-month so assuming we have spots available (we do now!), we schedule the Unique Strategy Session right away and then start your weekly coaching calls mid-month!

How long is the career coaching program?

The one-on-one coaching program is 3 months! This is the perfect amount of time to get clear on your goals, build momentum, and make adjustments along the way!

We also have standalone 90 minute Unique Career Strategy sessions and monthly Pocket Career Coaching.

Ready to get clarity, momentum, and design your unique career path?

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