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Hey UXer!

Ready to land your first UX role with confidence?

Overwhelmed with advice

trying to fit in as a ux designer

applying to hundreds of jobs

you have all the pieces — you just need to know what to do with them

What if... you stepped into your first UX role knowing you’ll make an impact, confident it’s an environment that will support you, and you walk into that first day head held high.

In an interview, you're excited to share your experiences and share why you’re an amazing contribution.

No longer ruminating on LinkedIn hot-takes about bootcamp grads or waiting on pins and needles for responses. Confident that you’ve taken care of what’s in your control and that you're making progress for yourself.

you can't "numbers game" your job search forever

leading to...

Overwhelmed with advice

trying to fit in as a ux designer

applying to hundreds of jobs

tackling everything all at once over a weekend, isn't the move

Between your resume, networking, preparing for interviews, finding junior positions (that aren't asking for 5+ years of experience), and that dreaded portfolio... your to-do list is a mile long and your calendar full.

It's no wonder you're overwhelmed and seeking out advice from multiple people.

What if you had a framework to focus on one career area at a time, where each step built on the previous AND prepared you for the next one? Where you felt even more capable, confident, and prepared as you moved further in your job search?


connect your past to ux

design a unique strategy for you

land your first ux role

3x3 Method

3 coaching calls each month for 3 months focusing on 3 steps:


Tells use where we are, how we got here, and where we want to go.

Evaluation also gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate decisions later on.


The most frequently skipped step when making big changes on your own. Before taking action, it's important to embody what the next steps will look like, what your goal is, and who you'll be in the process.


And Action! This is where we let everyone know who you are and what you're doing.

Taking action helps us feel what it's like to pursue our goals and work through any resistance.

this is for you if...

  • You’re in a bootcamp and want to focus on your job search while learning
  • You finished a bootcamp or are self-taught, but are struggling to land that first UX role
  • You recently took a job search break due to burnout and want to move forward feeling empowered and confident
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the steps, information, and feedback on job searching and want to take ownership of your job search experience

this is NOT for you if...

  • You don’t want to reflect on your experience and opportunities for improvement
  • You don’t believe you have any control over your job search
  • You want someone to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it without any input from you

[Amanda has] helped change my life so much already! ... I appreciate [Amanda] playing a huge role in my metamorphosis as a designer.

- Junior UXer

I highly recommend Amanda's coaching. Lots of amazing takeaways on our sessions!

- Tiffany H.

Amanda has this incredible ability to listen to what I've said, and present it back to me in a profound and insightful manner. Through our conversations together, she helped me clear a fog of uncertainty that shrouded what I wanted in my career as a designer.

- Darrin L.

What to expect in

new course modules each monday

Each module includes video instruction, worksheets, and Miro templates to keep all your work organized. The videos are about 10-20 min each and include work-along time.

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week 1: confident networking

  • Why UX?
  • Crafting your elevator pitch
  • Defining how you want to show up — in person and online
  • Making the most of LinkedIn

week 2: resume (aka hype-sheet)

  • Finding the power in your past experiences
  • Gratitude in your past careers
  • Resume 101: Showcasing your past in your resume
  • Resume 102: Talking about your learning experience and projects
  • Making first impressions with your cover letter

week 3: interviewing

  • How your internal communication reflects your external communication
  • Storytelling and practicing your stories
  • Talking about challenges and gaps in your experience
  • Learning from networking

week 4: case study extravaganza

  • The purpose of your case study
  • Storytelling through your case study
  • Addressing gaps or assumptions in your case study
  • Visual storytelling and making the most of your time

week 5: job search strategy

  • Taking stock of your current strengths, skills, and connections
  • Defining your career non-negotiables
  • Keeping track of connections, contacts, and job applications
  • Working with recruiters

adjustment hub

We know that even with a great plan and support that there will be iterations and challenges throughout your UX job search. That's why we've also created an Adjustment Hub! This will provide you with ways to troubleshoot and handle any unexpected questions that come up in your job search so that you can move forward!

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group office hours during live session & Slack channel

Each week you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback during weekly office hours. This is for our live session running July 11th - August 27th. Once you sign up, you can join any of those live sessions with us.

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meet your guide

hi! i'm amanda and i've been helping uxers with their careers since 2019

When I decided to quit my job and change careers in 2017, I went through all the stages of: what the heck do I want to do, how the heck am I going to do it, and ok, I'm doing it and now what?

I learned that my career path is unique to me and once I released expectations of doing it the "right" way, I was free to explore, get curious, and take serious action.

Now that I've pivoted again to career coaching, I can assure you that your path won't look like mine. And that's a great thing! Through my coaching practice and 3x3 Method, we'll uncover your career journey and get you making moves with confidence!

hi! i'm amanda and i've been helping uxers with their careers since 2019

I pivoted my career into UX back in 2017 and successfully landed my first full-time UX job 4 days out of my bootcamp.

Now, yes, that's a bit of a brag — but the framework I used then (with updates from others' experiences, changes in the remote workforce, and my own career coaching practice) is what I share in Land Your First UX Role.

This program uniquely combines strategy, identity and mindset, and taking action so that you'll have a well-rounded job search experience.

and so i help uxers:

  • Get clear on their career goals using their unique strengths and experiences
  • Embody the new position, role, or career you're getting after
  • Take aligned action to be the version of you that will land you that job, promotion, or new career

payment options

[First Role] Pay in Full

Pay in Full


  • Access to 7 weeks of course materials
  • Weekly LIVE office hours until August 29
  • Private online community to connect with other UX designers
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  • If an opening is available, you'll have the opportunity to start coaching that month!
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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a few years into my UX career, is Land Your First UX Role a good fit for me?

Nope! If you've been around the UX block, you're likely looking for a more long-term solution than landing your next UX role. UX Portfolio PowerPlay is probably a better fit for you. This is our 6 week group coaching program that dives more deeply into the future of your UX career so you can land the right UX role for you — rather than just the next one. While these programs are similar, Land Your First UX Role uses a framework specifically designed to help you land your first UX role, while UXPPP helps you design your career around your strengths and build a personal brand.

I just got out of a bootcamp or am still in one, is this right for me?

YES! This is perfect if you're in or just getting out of a UX bootcamp.

Can I get a refund after I join?

No, because you get access to the community and course materials, we don't provide refunds.

I haven't used Webflow or Object Oriented UX before, will I be behind?

Nope! With the combination of instructional videos, templates, and component library, you'll be all set to go! If you need additional support, there will be opportunities in the private community to get more hands-on attention.

ready to take your place in ux?

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