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Speaker Session

Saturday, September 8, 2018
11:10 am
12:00 pm

UX Leadership Organizer Panel Discussion

Angel, Zach, Jamie, Laura and Sophia will openly discuss the ups and downs of organizing a design meetup and how you can make the most of your networking efforts.

Get a behind the scenes look on starting and organizing meetups within the design community. Learn from four leading community organizers in Atlanta tech: Angel Banks(Women Who Code), Jamie McAtee (IXDA), Zach Pousman (Helpfully Lunch),  Sophia V Prater (Ladies that UX Atlanta), and Laura Salisbury (Ladies that UX San Francisco). Panelists will discuss challenges and rewards of organizing for the design community, the benefits of being a part of a tech community, as well as ways to navigate social anxiety and other barriers to making meetups fun and worth battling the traffic to get to. More, panelists will elaborate on the connection between community leadership and one's own career in UX.

Panel moderated by Babz Jewell.

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