Speaker Session

September 8, 2018
10:00 am
10:10 am

Jumpstart Your Email List

Maybe you have a respectable following on Twitter and hundreds of connections on Linked In. You might even have a flock of YouTube subscribers. These are all great ways to get our thoughts out into the world, but the problem is, you don't control those platforms. A change in the algorithm or big buyout could cause you to loose your audience. Enter the email list.

When it's time to share a big update to your portfolio, a new thought piece you just posted, or a discount code for the conference you are speaking at (we'll be working on finding that speaking topic later!) you're going to need a solid email list. And it's never too late to start building one.

The brains at Mailchimp will spend a few minutes showing us the ropes and the power of their platform. And they will be hanging out all day so you can ask questions and get help signing up.

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