Chad Rieck

Chad Rieck

Senior UXer

Chad grew up believing in the inherent worth of human life. Regardless of a person's skill level, ability or contribution to the world, they have value. People matter, and the creation of products and services should reflect that. This drives much of how he interacts with people in his life and his work, with varying degrees of success.

For the standard background: He holds a BFA in Media Arts & Animation, Boasts 10+ years of Customer Service experience, has both received and imparted UX education, and is currently working for Cisco as a Sr UXer.

He is a runner without the runner's body, cat owner, giraffe lover and spends a lot of time in his kitchen cooking things he tries to share instead of eat all himself, also with varying success.

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podcast episodes

You're Not Alone; Nobody knows what they're doing

Episode 33

You're Not Alone; Nobody knows what they're doing

In this episode Amanda and Chad talk about what Chad's learned from his own experience of breaking into UX design and helping students at General Assembly.


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