Julie Briggs

Julie Briggs

Virtual Fitness Trainer
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Julie Briggs is a virtual fitness trainer and wellness professional. She is passionate about natural and holistic living, which includes minimizing the negative effects screens have on our lives. She’s appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, speaks at workshops and conferences, and leads certifications for other fitness trainers. Julie is developing a digital course on how to create freedom from screen fatigue, in order to restore your energy and reclaim your life. She offers webinars on-screen fatigue, digital eye strain, and posture, to both public and corporate clients.

Julie also hosts the podcast “Author Your Life,” which is about making bold moves and big life changes. "Author Your Life" explores what it takes to go after your dreams, begin a new chapter, and rewrite your story.

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podcast episodes

 Is Screen Time Impacting Our Designs? with Julie Briggs

Episode 47

Is Screen Time Impacting Our Designs? with Julie Briggs

In this episode, Amanda and Julie discuss the impact our screens have on our own health AND the health of our users. Julie shares how screen fatigue impacts our bodies and eyes, tips on how to mitigate those affects, and we discuss ways we can keep this in mind with the products we design!


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