Speaker Session

September 25, 2020
6:35 pm
6:55 pm

Cheat on your IA to Handle Complexity

Between advocating for research, conducting research, understanding the business, understanding the technology constraints, and bringing it all together into prototypes that satisfy about 18 different parties, we UX designers are stretched pretty thin. While juggling all of our responsibilities within agile (or agile-ish) environments, rigorous information architecture often gets squeezed out of our design processes.  But what if IA could actually make our lives easier? What if IA wasn't something we had to design, but something that could help us design?

In this talk, Sophia will share some basic principles of Object-Oriented UX that can help you fit IA into your process. You'll align your team, reduce rework, and eliminate extraneous design complexity—adding time to your calendar and zen to your workday.

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