Speaker Session

September 24, 2021
4:45 pm
5:30 pm

Workshopping with Object-Oriented UX for Future-Proofing Magic

The people on a team who can bring a cross-functional group together (business folks, designers, developers, content strategists) and give everyone X-ray vision on the complexity at hand will earn themselves a seat at the strategy table — not to mention job security.

In this pragmatic, actionable talk, Sophia Prater will guide you through a series of three working sessions that you can run with your team to get everyone talking about system-level questions.

Workshop One: Discovery.  Learn to run a short Object-Oriented UX workshop that is gamelike but also super-effective at sussing out information architecture. You’ll make information architecture fun and approachable, while getting your business stakeholders and technical team thinking big-picture about the future-state of your product.

Workshop Two: Prioritization. In Workshop One we zoomed-out and got a big picture. Now, we will hone-in on the most critical elements that will not only flesh-out the foundation for an MVP design, but will also serve as a solid foundation for your product’s future growth.

Workshop Three: Internal Testing. It’s time to gather real, future-state content. It’s time for the business folks and content-creators to kick the tires on the system. And it’s time for your developers to approve it’s feasibility...before you design any screens.

This workshop series will help your team work through deep structural issues, hitting pause on the rush to wireframes (that can often be based on a ton of guess work). In the end, you’ll help create future-proofed digital products while positioning yourself as a strategic leader. WIN. WIN.

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