Speaker Session

September 8, 2018
9:15 am
9:30 am

Confessions of a Professional Side Hustler

It’s a fact of the modern world: our 9-5 jobs don’t often bring us 100% of the meaning and fulfillment we crave. You might be doing what you love and getting paid well for it. You might even work for a company that aligns with your beliefs and values. But chances are, your day job doesn’t scratch all of your itches for change in the world. For that, you need a side hustle.

Sophia (Voychehovski) Prater is a serial side-hustler—she's turned her side hustle into her full time gig twice. Now she has architected her full-time self-employed “job” to make ample time for her many passion projects. In this lightning talk, Sophia gives three strategies that will help you rock your side hustle and bring on the change you want to see into the world.

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